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For Spiritual Leaders

The following information and tools are designed to help local faith leaders educate their members about the benefit of hospice in end of life care and end of life issues. As leaders in the faith community, we understand that it is important to counsel members as they face end of life questions and challenges.

  • Area clergy are vital in the hospice philosophy of providing holistic care for hospice patients and families. Hospice focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual care for those that come onto hospice. When a patient is admitted to hospice and wants to have their spiritual leader involved, hospice chaplains contact that spiritual leader and work with them to provide the best spiritual care possible for that patient and family.
  • Upon the death of the patient, our volunteer chaplains and area clergy start the 12-month bereavement process by offering to visit the family and provide the Virginia Mason Memorial Bereavement Packet, as well as introduce the family to Memorial's Bereavement Program.
  • Our community clergy are welcome to participate in Hospice Volunteer Training, which is a 12-hour orientation into hospice. Upon completion of hospice training, our clergy are invited to serve in various capacities, including as volunteer chaplains.
  • Participation in Virginia Mason Memorial's Community Clergy Program offers further benefits to area spiritual leaders in the form of education, training, volunteering, and participation in spiritual care at Memorial.